2023 - Business

2023 - Business

Gain insights from the business world with 2023's most engaging talks and discussions. This selection covers the year's hottest business trends, keynotes, and expert panels that captivated our audience.

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2023 - Business
  • The Painting Industry

    Learn what it means to have a career in the painting industry, and get introduced to work safety and organization. Go in the field to see how both Commercial and Residential companies stay safe and organized.

    To get the most out of our Trade Best Practice Series, pair the video series with our l...

  • What-If Planning Tool: Fast Calculations for Profit Forecasting

    What if you knew how many employees you needed to get to $2M in revenue?
    What if you knew how much you needed to charge per hour to make a 40% margin?

    Imagine having access to a rapid calculator that allows you to quickly and easily envision ways to increase your bottom line.

    Tom Droste from Es...

  • Expertise

    Learn what it means to have a career in the painting industry, and get introduced to the recipe for success for a rewarding career in the painting industry. Go in the field to find out how business owners got their start, grew their companies, and they give tips on how to be a successful painter....

  • Sustainable Growth

    This rockstar panel breakdowns the reality of scaling and the fundamentals you have to have in order to thrive during rapid growth.

    Get More Resources
    From Breakthrough Academy: 
    Downloadable resources to help with building an Organizational structure based on Deliverables - https://trybta.com/p...

  • Macroeconomic trends

    This episode of the marketing mastermind mini-series will be discussing macroeconomic trends, and how the ebbs and flows of the economy should affect decision-making & planning within your painting company.

  • Implementing Painter Training

    Education Director Julie Ethan and Contractor Larry Gehrke give an overview of PCA's Painter Training program along with strategies for implementation & ongoing training using this free member resource.

    Discover the methodology behind PCA's Painter Training
    Hear advice from industry experts on ...

  • A Guide to Project Estimating

    In this episode of Ask a Pinter, Nick Slavik is back with yet another Mastering the basics- Estimating show.

    The appropriate pricing estimate will allow you to differentiate yourself from other painting firms by presenting your services to clients in a competitive and expert manner.
    However, y...

  • Marketing in Slow Times

    In this roundtable Oscar from NiceJob speaks with Nick Slavik and Brandon Pierpont about all things marketing for your business. As well as discussing tips and tricks they used in their business to successfully implement correct marketing in their businesses.

    They address that, one of the bigges...

  • Understanding Job Costing

    Job Costing is arguably the secret to running any successful business. Find out why in this show!

    Nick outlines three elements of Job costing:
    -Tracking materials and labor.
    -Foundational data.
    -Critical to solving all of the common problems.

    Watch the full episode to learn in-depth.

    If you'd ...

  • Marketing in Slow Times

    The mantra repeated by nearly every successful business owner is: Always Be Marketing. Generating leads and filling sales funnels is everything when you’re trying to ensure a steady flow of work in following months. Are you doing everything you can to market creatively and making the most of the...